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he main function of DZL Series single & double stage high-efficient vacuum oil purifier is to remove dissolved water, gas and mechanical impurities from insulating oil so as to ensure its purity and improve its insulation property. It is suitable for the application to oil treatment 500KV super-voltage transforming equipment and 220KV transformer. It is also suitable for the treatment of capacitor oil, transformer oil and freezer oil.

1. Double evaporation area by adopting Fengyu horizontal double vacuum separation technology efficiently and reliably.
2. Thorough removal of gas in the oil by using coalescing oil fog separator.
3. Adopt American fine filter element, fineness: 1~5mm, b³1000
4. Low noise and long life of the oil transport system
5. Adopt American heating technique with the way of thermal radiation, constant temperature control.
6. Using float valve and photoelectric oil level control, no need of human supervision
7. Adopt French vacuum defoaming technique to avoid oil leaking
8. Controlled digitally and automatically by PLC
9. Major electric apparatus are imported from America, the controlling system is safe and reliable


Application Scope Transformer oil and refrigerant oil
  • Degasification dehydration and filtration of transformer oil

  • Degasifcation dehyderation and filtration of transformer oil

  • On-site oil tre atment and drying electric eauipment

  • Oil filling into the electric equipment under vacuum condition

  • Vaccumize fransformer

Color Yellow,green,blue,orange,white,silver grey
Type P-movable type M-trailer type F-fixed type
Model Standard Advanced import



Optional PARTS

S/N Name Usage
1 Metal shell To prevent wind,rain and dust
2 Flow meter To measure the flow volume of the oil
3 Molecule Filter To reduce Dielectric Loss and acid value: MgKOH/g÷0.03
4 Controlling systerm Full-automatic control