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specialized in renewable energy and fluid purification solutionsfor your applications
remove dissolved water, gas and mechanical impurities from insulating oil so as to ensure its purity and improve its insulation property.
Fengyu SF6 Retrieving Device can be used to extract, liquefy and store SF6 gas from the SF6 insulating equipment.
Fengyu air dryer adopts low pressure oil-less compressed system and low-temperature condensation moisture removal technology
  • Biomass Gasifier
  • Oil Purifier
  • SF6 Reclaimation
  • Air Treatment
Biomass Gasifier
fluid-bed gasifier, biomass gasification, rice husk, sawdust ......
Oil Purifier
Remove dissolved water, gas and mechanical impurities...
SF6 Reclaimation
Fengyu SF6 Retrieving Device ...
Air Treatment
Fengyu air dryer supplies dry air ...
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About us
Founded in 1985, Chongqing Fengyu Electric Equipment Company Limited is a global leader in the production of biomass gasification equipment, gas generator set, oil filtration and purification equipment.
With sophisticated patent technology and expertise, we have developed fluid-bed biomass gasification furnace(patented product), which is more efficient to gasify biomass fuel, such as rice husk, saw dust, wood chips, corn stalk, bagasse etc., the pyrolysis gas could be used for power generation and other purposes. We also produce 200 different types of oil purification, dry air generating and SF6 retrieving devices equipment. Our highly reputable, power plant, mechanical, transportation, petroch
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